This new webpage on the Romanian Jewish Heritage is meant to give virtual life to yet another three small Romanian towns where Jewish life once flourished: Stefanesti, the location of an important Hassidic court, led by the Admor Rabbi Friedman, whose grave is in the local Jewish cemetery; although today there is no other trace of the once thriving Jewish presence in the town, the grave is still a pilgrimage place for both Jews and Christians; Tg. Neamt, whose number of Jews decreased from 50% of the population to about 30 mostly elderly people, and whose synagogues history goes back to the 17th century; and Harlau, whose remaining 22 Jews care today for its 18th century cemetery and 200 year old synagogue, decorated with specific architectural motifs. You will find on this page general geographical, historical and statistical data, references to population and trades, social institutions and education, Jewish presence, synagogues and cemeteries, but also mentions of Jewish personalities of the two localities, and a vast picture gallery including old and new images of the Jewish heritage in the area. The three localities are part of the Jewish trail in Europe. This is an invitation for you to visit them. Those who are in search of their East European roots, or simply wish to see the places where Jewish life bloomed before World War II, will find here a good example. Welcome to Jewish Stefanesti, Tg. Neamt and Harlau. .

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