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profile who we are

Idee is a knowledge institute, a think tank providing vision, tools, representation and management for establishing consensus on public choices.

Idee Network embeds:
Idee Foundation - a public affairs institute
Idee Communication - a corporate communication agency
Idee's village - a map of trusted and influent partners and resources
Idee's products - patterns and tools for creating effective information exchange environment and assessing community needs and collective life styles.

Idee Communication
Idee Communication is the networking arm of the research and consultance activities provided by the think tank.

Idee-Communication provides government relations and campaign management services to impact on public policy decisions.
Idee-Communication provides public relations services to broaden public support.
Idee-Communication provides management consulting services to implement advertising strategies.

Since 1996, Idee Communication has served as a professional communications resource to local and state public actors and to businesses and associations operating in Eastern Europe. It has had specialized in providing services to the internationally funded, communication, media, and public contracts industries.

Idee Communication offers clients a proven record of success. The partners have each more than 15 years of experience in representing and providing public affairs counsel to clients and serving in senior positions in government as a result of their international, consultant and local appointments. Idee Communication is well versed in the industries they represent and can articulate your message in a credible and believable way to target audiences that need to be stimulated to action.

Idee Foundation
Idee Foundation, is a public affairs instiute designed to enable people to make improved choices by widening the offer of efficient alternative public policies, by making them available to public knowledge and debate and by facilitating the dialogue and communication between the various segments of society.

Through its programs, IDEE supports institutional development and reform, the protection of human rights, pluralism and expanded opportunities in the social and political environment. To fulfil all its objectives, IDEE develops programs in the field of civil society-governance, political and social marketing, education and training, public information, and fund raising campaigns.

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