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1 (întâi-ul) Decembrie în Europa

projects business breakfast

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) presents its Romanian projects - IDEE Business seminar
On 17th of April, 2003 IDEE organized a business event at the Sofitel Hotel. The main speaker was Mrs. Hildegard Gacek, representing EBRD in Romania. The business meeting was honored by the presence of His Excellency the Canadian Ambassador in Romania Raphael Girard and the CBA president John Saroudis.
Hildegard Gacek presented as EBRD successes in Romania companies like Connex, Mirobank, Arctic. In 2003 EBRD has 85 projects on going in Romania witch represents approximately 2,23 billion euro. Generally, the investments are long terms loans and finances for privatization process, financial support for SMEs and also assistance programs for foreign trade.
EBRD is a financial institution owned by 60 countries and 2 intergovernmental institutions witch promotes in developing market economies from Europe and Central Asia. EBRD has its own capital evaluated at 20 billions euro and additional foreign investments have gathered another 47 billion euro. IDEE team was the event management team for this successful event.
Click here to download the PowerPoint presentation

Romanian growth policies compared to the other central European countries - CBA seminar
The aim of the project was to realize a large scale research witch will enable us to make a country report on the evolution of the Romanian economy related with the history of the post-communist era, form a comparative perspective with other Eastern and Central countries. The project took place in Bucharest and Cluj, having also work meetings in Czech Republic, Lithuania and Brasil. It was coordonated by Mircea Maniu, Dana Popa and Ella Kallai.
The project has objectively analized the evolution of the Romanian economy in a historic and European context in order to elaborate a country report witch was presented to the Annual Meeting of the World Bank and will be published at the Oxford University Press. The feed-back and the echos had shown the special quality of the report.
The result of the country report was presented inside the business community by IDEE economist Mircea Maniu and debated together with important economists:Varujan Vosganian, Ionel Danca, Dan Suciu.

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