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What have you done for your family today ?

Family problems of all kinds (sexual abuse, domestic violence, traditional stereotypes, the child’s status inside the family) are key issues for the Romanian civil society. There are many NGOs active in this and area and other related fields. Unfortunately, no ample campaign has been undertaken so far, to show the population the amplitude of the issues, what ought to be done, which are the organizations and institutions that might be of assistance. There have been no information and education campaigns focused on the family, no systemic overview of the expertise gathered by NGOs during the last 11 years. The present project addresses these issues by proposing a complex social communication campaign, to inform the target group about its rights and to allow the NGOs active in the field to advocate their cause (programs, initiatives, results, case studies), thus consolidating the image of the civil society. Once carried out, the project will set forth a new informational standard for the civil rights, establishing a frame for an efficient communication between mass media, NGOs local authorities and public institutions.

The main objective of the project “What have you done for your family today?” is to carry out a public communication program designed to increase the level of information and sensibility on family relations and civil rights in Romania.

This objective may be structured in several priorities:

Setting up a minimum level of notoriety regarding the problems confronted by families
Involving NGOs and mass-media in a project whose final beneficiaries will be all the important public actors in Romania
Expressing the needs and expectations of groups subjected to discrimination due to their role in the family: wife, child, grandparents etc.
Supporting, further on, the knowledge and enforcement of the related legislation, in keeping with the aquis communautaire
Supporting the dissemination of new existing materials regarding domestic abuse and ways to identify/stop them
Bringing into public debate key topics regarding the development of public society in Romania, particularly of the NGO sector
Attaining a minimum level of audience of 150,000 citizens who would become actively involved in the information/educational campaign
Creating communications means that would unite the efforts and actions of other NGOs and help the present them to the decisions makers.

The operational objectives of the informational and educational campaign are:

To increase the public opinion’s sensitivity to family relations
To promote reference criteria for interpersonal communication inside the family
To confront target groups with the unsolved family problems
To create a proximity group (significant others), made of relatives, colleagues, close friends and neighbors, to trigger discussions and the admission of the problems by the family
To build a social mainstream for fighting the family head stereotypes. This mainstream will be created by the active participation of family members and by the pressure of the proximity groups.

The project itself has different stages of developing.
The first one is the research, documentation and institutional PR. A sociologist, supported by several assistants, will coordinate all the research activities. The main goal of this activity is to evaluate all the possible information available on the interpersonal relationships in Romanian families. An accentuated activity will be based on comparing the most recent projects developed by the specialized NGOs in the field of inner family abuses. Institutional PR would be performed by inviting NGOs, governmental agencies, ministerial departments to bring their own expertise, case studies to sustain the rest of the campaign.
The second phase represents the establishment and configuration of the ATL and BTL campaigns, as well as the media plan. The final concept of the communicational campaign will be established as soon as the research team decides on the priorities and main direction of the project. There will also exist a pre-launch campaign of media apparitions and testing materials.
The last phase is the actual campaign launch.


Catalogue presenting the main activities of the project (A4, 16 pages, 1.000 pieces)
Handbook – complete guide in case of domestic abuse (A5, 220 pages, 1.000 pieces)
Posters sustaining the PR campaign (50*70 cm, 8.000 pieces)
Leaflets – simple information useful in case of domestic violence (A4, 20.000 pieces)
Badges – public identification of those participating at the project (7*10 cm, 500 pieces)
Folders – for media, personalized according to the general concept of the campaign (1.000 pieces)
Brochures – graphic and editorial information on the familial problems (10.000 pieces)
Video spot on television – education of public opinion (1 min. duration)

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