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Impact of EU acquis on local actors (projects developed with the support of Transelectrica). We have developped an unique expertise at the interesection of business interests, academic research and public advocacy. In 2002 three local corporations active, in the field of pharmaceutical industry and energy have asked us to provide an in-depth research on the impact of european legislation and reglementation and the integration of the acquis on local operations.
The first project was led in cooperation with the national agency for drug reglementation (Agentia Nationala a Medicamentului) and two important manufacturers of pharmaceutical goods.

Some of the deliverables of the project were:

Anticipated the development of unfolding crisis related to the reglementation activity of medical devices by experts coordinated by the Ministry of Health
Provided the partners with a road-map of european-acquis in terms of medical equipment reglementation and standards for export in the EU area
Devised a communication campaign focused on the growth of the medical equipment market in Romania as a generator of jobs and profit for local organisations in view of the European integration process
Initiated and edited a research paper including SWOT and cost/benefits

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