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Organizations seeking to develop local policies, to aim for government or international funding or wishing to obtain government contracts require in-depth understanding of the many political, legislative and regulatory forces that shape decisions in this highly specialized area. IDEE has assembled a team of consultants with the expertise required to succeed in this field which is more and more influenced by the European environment.

Already, 80% of national laws are EU-inspired. More than 3,500 EU pieces of legislation were adopted in 2001. The EU budget is approximately (95 billion euro), with 75% of it being distributed in grants and subsidies. Institutions, hierarchies, procedures, actors, information = a labyrinth! We work in partnership with a number of European consultancy organisations based in Brussels and progressively creating the first Romanian non governmental institute with a permanent foot in the European capital.

Our aim is to provide expertise on European affairs for local actors and contribute to create opportunities for increased partnerships between european actors and Romanian ones ( > read more... ).

This makes www.idee.ro the website that you'll look forward to browsing every week, where finding out about the European Union is not only a business necessity but also a mission statement.

Provide expertise

European news: Several pages of ground-breaking EU news
World news: World news with EU implications
Key issues: Analysis of key issues (ex : the European discourse of Romanian prime-ministers)
EU views: The views of European opinion formers
Inside:· Feature stories looking behind the news, by sector specialists
Diaries: diary of key events, diary of european key subventions and grants deadlins
EU info
: Links to major EU info resources

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