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Governance consultance is a key element of IDEE's involvement in local communities in Romania and Eastern Europe. We have been present and active in all the Romanian electoral campaigns and major governance issues since 1996.

We have been working with all the major political parties with differentiated mandates : notoriety (pre-electoral), research and mission statement, local electoral campaigns, leaders marketing, crisis management, merging and issue marketing and public communication campaigns. We have been influential in informing decision makers, public officials and elected representatives on critical issues such as the development of social assistance projects, performance related pay organizational schemes or child protection.

Our staff is trained to intervene in local communication campaigns for public institutions, regional authorities and political parties. IDEE has a network of 100 regional consultants trained to execute and implement political marketing campaigns, from opinion surveys to outdoor advertising. For all projects we guarantee : academic standards, professional expertise, outcome planning, time frame, resource accurate analysis, methodology of application, project management, budgeting, and promotion. Our projects are conceived for : political parties, professional organizations, NGOs, local councils, public administration, lobbying groups


Communicating reform policies: a 18 months strategy: with the Department of Public Information of the Romanian government (1996-1998)
Communicating policies : support projects with 9 ministries (Public Administration, Internal Affairs, Financial Ministry, Ministry of Justice, Secretariat of State for Child Protection…) 1996-1997
European Integration program : 1997. Conception, planning, budget management, fund raising. With the Soros Foundation.
Leadership development program: with Est Liberte : comparative approaches in Albania, Poland, Russia (1997, 2001)
Electoral campaign for Bucharest mayor (1998-2000)
IOGER (International observers general elections Romania, 1996)
Go Romania 1998! project for marketing of Romania's image abroad. New Europe College, Academy of Diplomatic studies.
Zilele comunicarii politice , in Bucharest, Iasi, Cluj, Sibiu (2000)
Get involved : Youth and local agenda. With Romanian Association for Liberal Democracy (2000)
Go Romania 2001! project for marketing Romania's image abroad, with Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Presidential Administration
Community affairs department: Bucharest City Hal, sector 2. Development, training and implementation.

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