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corporate id
public relations

strategic communication
strategic communication corporate id

The"corporate id" projects are guided carefully in a complete, customized process from conceptual planning and design development through printing and delivery. Along the way, disciplined adherence to budgets and production schedules is a priority.

Our scope of work ranges widely. Using state-of-the-art technology, we specialize in the development and execution of:

· Financial publications, including annual and quarterly reports, and investor relations
· Corporate and marketing publications including capability/image brochures
· Employee publications, including magazines and newsletters

Identity Programs

· Identity development and implementation

Exhibition/Environmental Graphics

· Trade shows
· Special events
· Signage

Public Relations Promotional Materials

· Direct mail campaigns
· Media kits
· Invitations
· Posters
· Issues advertising
· Pamphlets

Presentation Materials

· Color acetate overheads and 35 mm slides

New media
· Web marketing
· Internet content tips
· Web design
· Web positioning

Recent projects

PHARE (What have you done for your family today ?) : Family problems of all kinds (sexual abuse, domestic violence, traditional stereotypes, the child’s status inside the family) are key issues for the Romanian civil society.
APPO (Advocating Public Policies Options) : The purpose of this scope of work is to procure and provide assistance to strengthen local administrations, civic institutions, business organisations and processes of decision makers.
Education, development and raising human capital - Romanian case: This is an on going project. The aim of this project is to develop a large research from a comparative perspective, at European level, in order to measure the increase of human capital value through education, action witch can lead to an improved performance for the international market.
Impact of EU acquis on local actors (projects developed with the support of Transelectrica): In 2002 three local corporations active, in the field of pharmaceutical industry and energy have asked us to provide an in-depth research on the impact of european legislation and reglementation and the integration of the acquis on local operations.
CBA (Canadian Business Association) Web design and web daily up-keeping of www.canada-business.ro

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