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Operating at the intersection where business concerns often collide with public policy issues, we help our partners navigate difficult challenges that-if left unchecked-could undermine growth, reduce market share or damage an institution's reputation.

Many of our consultants have directed successful political campaigns or served in a senior capacity in government. Our approach to issues management, therefore, mirrors that of a political campaign.

Every organisation faces a range of problems that can escalate into a public crisis at any time. Management must be on constant alert and prepared to respond to any and all the serious issues that could, under the glare of public and media scrutiny, damage corporate, product or personal reputations.

We work alongside management when customers, consumers, employees, investors, stakeholders, regulators and governmental bodies are all demanding immediate answers and action. We can do so at any time. Our experience in this specialized field extends from product failure to international conferences debates, from fraud and malfeasance to strikes and litigation, from difficult restructuring to site closings in the face of militant opposition, from bank crisis to campaigns by activist groups and boycotts.

A brand is often is the most valuable asset a company owns. We use a methodology that combines academic insight with real-world experience across numerous industries and product categories.

Issues management

Closure of 17 state enterprises (1997)
Modification of the 42/1990 law:
attitudes and expectations (1998)
The Kosovo war and the media discourse (1999)
Positioning for Cotton Club
- a jazz club in a critical urban environment (1999)
The alternative manuals:
the policy of the Ministry of education (1999)
Romanian media - litigation issues: from celebrity magazines to gossip magazines (2000)
Discourse analysis: presidential candidates in December 2000
Heating crisis private thermal generators (2000)
Rituals of purification:This project consists in a vast sociological research designed to substantiate an in-depth analysis of the socio-cultural impact of transition. It is carried out by a team of researchers led by Felicia Waldman and it will result in a wide collection of articles, books and other publications reflecting the rituals of purification in Romania after the fall of communism. The project is being implemented in cooperation with Prof. Gabriel Barhaim of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, who will draw up an applied sociological study based on all these materials. The collection will be constituted in a database on the topic, to be used in future sociological projects (2001-2002)
La Francophonie - moteur de developpement economique en Roumanie? (2001)
National cultural institutes : an assessment on Goethe Foundation, British Council, Cervantes institute, Royal Danish institute - models and patterns of cooperation (2002)

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