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public relations

strategic communication
strategic communication public relations

IDEE plans and implements overall communication strategies to broaden public support and to reach key interest groups and public representatives. IDEE also provides clients' media support on public policy issues.

Our consultants have implemented international public relations programs, including serving as the on-site coordinators of public relations for the Bucharest mayor, the owner of the largest Romanian private media corporation, and the Humanitas publishing house.. Declining effectiveness of the classic advertising campaigns, combined with the classic recipee for failure (out of price, bad targeted, no-feed-back media planning) is the reason why unconventional and PR campaigns are becoming the key for reforming battered images.

PR support includes:

· Counsel and coordination of crisis management strategies to minimize the damage of adverse publicity or government action.
· Develop and implement cause-marketing public relations promotion programs and sponsorship of community events.
· Develop, produce and place advertising and manage targeted direct marketing programs.
· Develop press material and arrange press, editorial and media briefings.
· Develop and place news and feature articles to effectively tell the client's story in the local, regional and national media markets.

We are also the first to offer "experience related" communication campaign, i.e. strategies for unconventional events, involving general public, staff, corporate customers or potential employees. We turn old buildings into museums, dig out from barrels of ice to feel the vibe, sip coffee in antique shops, arrange rallies with trucks, and theme events that create brand experience.

PR portfolio

Development and production of PR campaign presenting the Romanian activities of SECO (Swiss Secretariat for Economic Affairs) -key interest group campaign, targeted communication for partners, financial institutions and local communities
Development of PR campaign :
for CSDF (Civil Society Development Foundation) in Romania, Belgium and USA - crisis management, repositioning strategy, mission statement, advocacy plan, media relations.
PR campaign for Syncron music production - community events, theme events, stage settings, direct marketing, promotional tools
Humanitas publishing house
- reputation management, conferences, seminars, press materials, press relations
PR campaign:
design (see campaigns), concept, positioning, media relations for Hilton late evenings events
PR campaign for web services: unconventional, positioning, marketing pitch, clients relations >>> www.media9.ro .
PR package: general campaign, public affairs, events, positioning, press relations for Canadian Business Association in Romania
PR package partners and branch relations, theme events, public discourse, internal PR, events proposals, community affairs
Advocacy and media relations: Sensi blu pharmacies
Brand consolidation: Vodca Ceausescu - theme events, production, launching campaign
Brand consolidation: Audio Nova medical equipment - theme events, positioning, media relations
PR input : Mediafax (news agency) - feature campaign, editorial and media input.

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